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Notice to developers

Moving here 12 years ago from the UK where I had my own commercial construction company I recognised Clearwater and in particular Wells Gray Park as having huge development potential for the Tourism sector and we decided to make it our lifestyle change and next career move. Now we are nearing time to move on.

Wells Gray Provincial Park is a 1.3 million acre Class A wilderness Provincial Park and it is managed by the BC Parks Master Plan, which is much more open to development than Jasper National Park. Helmcken Falls Lodge is on private property, on the only access road in and out of the park. Property development only has to be by the BC Building Regulations, there are no planning permission rules applicable here.

Helmcken Falls Lodge has 33 rooms and a 100 seat licensed restaurant and our only competition is some small B&B’s and a guest ranch. We are 35km into Wells Gray Park from the town of Clearwater and have the premier location for visiting this world class area and world famous waterfalls.

Clearwater is also progressing an application for Unesco World Heritage site status which will drive even greater tourism visitation.

I believe Helmcken Falls Lodge would be a perfect addition to your portfolio. Clearwater had the busiest Tourism Information Centre in BC both in 2015 and 2016 and there are 9 couples drive by for every couple that can find accommodation here. There are only 480 beds in Clearwater including ourselves.

Helmcken Falls Lodge sits on a 20 acre site which could easily accommodate additional rooms.

95% of our clientele is European and is travelling a route via Calgary, Banff, Jasper, Wells Gray, Whistler, Vancouver Island and Vancouver as either FIT or Van Tour group travellers.

Full financial accounting is available for the past 13 years of operations upon signing of a non-disclosure agreement.

In December 2016 we have signed a 5 year lease for the restaurant side of the operation, leaving any prospective owner only to manage the 33 rooms and the grounds.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Nelson

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